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@FayezOfficial Enjoys Having Fun With Social Media #Goolli

Fayez Al Saeed remains a hip Khaleeji music force with a lot of resources, pride and talent. So we do hear from him often and what’s good about him is that he is unafraid to try new things, venture into new territories. For example, he did songs in Egyptian for fun, same with Iraqi music. But now he is also doing a Moroccan song, so his album is becoming ever more expansive. As a composer  and producer he is the hottest in the business. But he sees himself as a singer and the fans agree.

To promote his album, he is out with a music video for Goolli, and it’s all social at all fronts. In between promoting and branding his own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and what else. It’s a decent song with a very cool music video that shows Fayez looking so refined in that slim suit and gangster hat. Fayez has a song to share, and we must listen to what this shaper and tend-sitter has to say with the world.

Fayez gets little credit for really helping take Khaleeji music farther and into more countries. He is even out there singing non Khaleeji artists to sing it. So when it comes to his art, Fayez knows it and also knows the business side. He seems like a guy who enjoys a great deal of humor which is refreshing in that part of Arabia.

Fayez Al Saeed … Goolli – Video Clip | فايز السعيد … قولي – فيديو كليب

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