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The Hit-Maker of Egyptian pop @AmirTeima Presents The Lovable @HaidyMoussa

Amir Teima is the grandest Arabic lyricists, the talent behind hundreds of successful Arabic pop songs from all the biggest names in Arabia. Amir Teima is a brand of his own making and Arabic pop stars love his work even the ones sang by their own rivals. He has so many emotional tales to tell through his songs and he seems to always find the right singer to channel them through. He is a big credit to Egyptian pop music but also, he is helping introduce younger artists.

This is great because not only does he make great pop stars sound better with his hits, he is helping cultivate the next generation of pop artists. this time, he is presenting Haidy Moussa. Haidiy is a young singer from Egypt, a graduate of these cruel singing competitions. More than a million people (as told by the views) do agree that Haidy is talented. She also just won the celebrated award at the Dear Guest awards late last year.

So Amir is getting someone with big aspiration and talent for pop music. They are both from the same country, so this is a natural fit between a seasoned hit-maker who knows Arabic pop too well and a young pop artist in search of good material to show her emotional range, warmth, and quality voice. For me this is a perfect love song from a lady who sounds like she is dealing with emotional mistrust issues after what she has been through.

هايدي موسى – نقطه..ومن أول السطر | Haidy Mousa – No’ta W men Awel El Satr

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