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Published on January 6th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Hit-Maker Hatem Al Iraqi Insults Working Mothers! #حاتم_العراقي #عافني

I like Hatem Al Iraqi a lot and appreciate his music. The man is a seasoned hit-maker and survivor with a big range of styles and modes. But let’s take a look at his latest music video where he really looks very refined. But I take a number of issues with the story…there is so much wrong with this music video….

  1. Women are not supposed to speak on the phone
  2. Women are not supposed to work or be away from home
  3. Women should not have some time for themselves
  4. Men do not have to step up and help with their kids
  5. If a man feed his own child, he is a hero….if he cares for his sick child he is a hero.
  6. Mommy cannot miss these events, but if daddy does, it’s OK and it’s understandable.
  7. The man is allowed to disrespect their spouses privacy.
  8. The final scene the man seems to enjoy that his own son rejected mommy–the same one who carried him for 9 months and gone through the pain and nurturing.

I know this is supposed to be about family, but it’s so one-sided and clearly comes from the brain of a man child . Hatem is a cool Iraqi legend in pop and the entire block of Khaleeji worships him to a certain degree.  He delivered a good song with a big heart, but the music video ruins it for me.

Hatem Al Iraqi … Aafne – Video Clip | حاتم العراقي … عافني – فيديو كليب

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