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Published on January 19th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Majid Almuhandis Soars In “Ana Blayak”

Majid Almuhandis is an Iraqi singer but if you follow his career you will know he is trying to run away form his nationality. Why? Because it pays for him to pose as one of the Khaleeji boys. I do not recall Majid Almuhandis doing any concerts in the Iraq for a decade or longer. But he is always in Saudi, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait where he is treated as a royal. He is a gifted musician whose voice makes any song into a hit.

Really Majid has a cult fellowship, for a guy who rarely speaks to the press, he has done so well. He is always coming up with new fresh songs that hook people up with joy. It seems every year we either get a full-blown album or a single that travels the world and then back.

Majid just released a mini album with a lead song that is really fun to listen to. A song about a guy in love who is struggling to make it in the absence of his loved one. Sweet, yes! The music is pretty in style too. It plays like a heartfelt love letter written with tears for ink. It’s vaguely Iraqi which serves this music talent very well.
Majid Almuhandis … Ana Blayak | ماجد المهندس … انا بلياك

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