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Published on January 30th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Only The Most Irrelevant Egyptian Entertainers Cheer The Army

While most entertainers in Egypt support the army coup, many of them have gone into hiding and stopped sharing their political views once the army started massacring people left and right. But the old guards, the has beens of the industry are still standing and rooting for the army “Kill More, Thank You!” They even though more songs about this very own subject.

Take for example, a legendary Lebanese singer whose last hit was more than a decade ago, he has not released anything good for more than 10 years, yet he was invited to the opera house to tell us Egypt is his mother and he misses it. Walid Tawfeik is not even popular anymore at his home in Lebanon. He had a good run, and I love his old stuff, but he either has nothing new or finding it to a relevant entertainer. So I got the gig and sang for Egypt.

So, all the dent Egyptian entertainers have stayed away from such gigs, they had to fly in a Lebanese guy to suck up for the army.

Wahashtene Ya Masr-Waleid Tawfeik وحشتينى يا مصر – حفلة-وليد توفيق

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