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Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Cheap Egyptian Patriotism And The New Suez Canal Propaganda

I am sick and tired of the Egyptian army propaganda. While they are not able to make life better for the common man, they are doing something about it. They are releasing more songs about whatever landmarks they chose to highlight. No one is accusing Egypt of being a nice country where freedoms are respected. You are free to support the regime and insult all those who dare to question it, the money you join the other team, you are shown the door.

The accomplishment of the month is what they dub as the New Suez Canal….something this violent and undemocratic government is selling. Sure, they would arrest you for freedom of speech, they will murder you if you protested. And of you have a position of significance and state a different opinion than their own, they will have you fired and persecuted.

Sure, the canal makes a lot of money, but what does the average Egyptian citizen benefit from it? How does a new army project affect the common man? Nothing, the rich gets richer and the poor poorer and we still can sing and make music videos.

The funny thing, most of these artists who release patriotic songs spend the least amount of time inside their beloved Egypt. The likes of Ramy Sabry shop American brands not Egyptians, eat fast food not the local Koshary. And goes to an American college–even in Egypt. Their kids will go to the AUC, not the UC! But talk is cheap. While we are at it, Ramy Sabry shows off that he works at some American gem inside Cairo, what does he know about his fellow Egyptians?

Farhan Ya Belady – Ramy Sabry فرحان يا بلادى – رامى صبرى

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