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The Libyan-Egyptian Desert Folklore Dance Song

The Egyptian and Libyan desert have people who live there for ages, those people speak in a different way, live a certain lifestyle and move from one place to another. Hamid El Shari knows these people very well as he is well traveled in those parts.

What you do not know that those people like to party and have their own basic instruments. Here,s how their music would sound when Hamid El Shari took is and made it run on speed it a bit with his fancy electric work.  You will dance to this folklore duet. I like how they pronounce certain words, and you can tell, they are not trying too hard to sound sophisticated.

The song came in 1986, but this is a remix made in 2013!


حميد الشاعري و مصطفى شوقي – حبيبه – مرسكاوي ستايل

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