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Egyptian Pop Delight #MennaAttia In A New Sha’abi Light Album

Menna Attia is a homegrown singer from Egypt who is competing for name recognition at home and abroad. The young singer who enjoys something interesting. She looks like a pop star who could do classy songs and she has the range to do that. But she also sounds like she could also be the next big thing in Sha’abi music. Her songs remind me of a mix between Shaima Al Shaeyb and Bossy. Yes, and that’s a good thing because these are both talented women who difference styles and different fan bases.

I like her voice but in doses, her choices of songs play to her home base–she is offering nine tracks that will land so well in the streets of Egypt where people seem to enjoy songs where they are made feel bad and sorry for themselves. In romance and in life in general, Menna gets these folks and her songs speak about them and to them. Menna enjoys a good voice, a strong one indeed but the music can be improved. The story she tells fly well and her voice is just perfect for such efforts, it’s the right shade of sweet and street smart. I think Menna would do well in this commercially successful films.

01 – Shaey Shaawa
02 – Maadrsh Astaghna Annak
03 – Maykhosneesh
04 – Matehlfsh
05 – Aysha Ala El Thekra
06 – Taht Amrak
07 – Farhana Beek
08 – Aywa Enta
09 – Lewahdena

Menna Attia – Album Maykhosneesh

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