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Published on February 8th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Engy Amin And “The Broken Toy” Album By @MoseeqaNetwork

Here’s a new face of serious Egyptian vocally leaning pop, her name is Engy Amin and she is out with a new album putting on display her talent which includes vocal range, conflicted emotions and energy. There are a mix of musical influences on this 9 track album including American rock music but also Eastern musical elements. Egyptian music producer Richard El Hajj company helmed this album and kept its promise to work with young Egyptian talents.

The lyrics and music are all the product of new young and coming musicians. Engy’s name might be familiar to many since she competed on the Voice–its first season and she joined Sherine’s team. Richard even teamed Engy with one of his old pals Loai, shoe delivers a lead song along with Engy on this album. I like Engy’s voice and girl next door vibe, and this is a great start for her to start standing on her own and fight for a career during those tricky times.

01 – La’ya Kol Haga
02 – Amirit El Ehsas
03 – Andy Khetta
04 – Han Aleeh
05 – Tayar Akly
06 – Le’ba Mkassara
07 – Metalla’ Einy (feat. Loai)
08 – Magnona Beh
09 – Bahebak

Engy Amin – Le’ba Mkassara / انجي امين – البوم لعبة مكسرة

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