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The Mighty Pop Force Known As @NawalElZoghbi Brings Out The Best!

Nawal El Zoghbi has been singing since 1994 and that makes her a pop star of an entire generation and some change. Speaking of change, Nawal has jut released her latest pop trick and it’s so good and so worthy of this diva’s long-standing career. It’s a catchy song that appeal to pretty much all Arabs as it’s in that lovable Iraqi/Syrian dialect that mushes Arabic dialects and present them in an easy way. It’s a sweet love song with a fiery title.

Nawal really puts all herself together for this track and delivers a tour de force of her vocal and emotional might. It’s been few years since Nawal made a worthy song–I remember her wonderful album in 2011…but now she still has some game and she is looking the part. She does not go away and no one is asking her to…I love that she has manged to bring back her old fans and attract the Gen Z music fans too.  I love the music and the production here it allowed us to focus on Nawal’s voice, warmth and she made us believe the passion she is singing about.

Well done diva, you should keep on singing and making Arabic and Lebanese pop great again.

Tewallaa – Nawal El Zoghbi / تولع – نوال الزغبي

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