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Palestinian Yacoub Shaheen Wins Arab Idol! #ArabIdol Ameer Dandan Runner Up

Syriac-Palestinian Yacoub Shaheen secured his place by winning Palestine its second Arab Idol title on this popular show’s fourth season. While the show is in Lebanon, the night was fully Palestinian!

Arab Idol has just reached its exciting conclusion in a big grand finale. Fans had to wait two years for this fourth season, but the long absence did nothing to dull the region’s obsession with its favorite reality-TV talent show.

Palestinian contestant Yacoub Shaheen has been crowned the fourth Arab Idol as millions tuned in to watch him compete against fellow compatriot Amir Dandan and Yemeni singer Ammar Mohammad. Shaheen followed in the footsteps of compatriot Mohammed Assaf, the winner of season 2 in 2013, and has become the second Palestinian to win the title. Thousands showed up in Bethlehem where a screen was set up at the Nativity Square.

It turns out the social-media chatter was a good indicator as Yacoub Shaheen is the hot favorite to follow in the footsteps of compatriot Mohammed Assaf, the winner of season 2 in 2013, and to become the second Palestinian to win the title. This is great news for Arab fans as there have been few good voices, but for Palestinians this was also good. As for ratings it has shown that the fellowship of the show goes up when there is a Palestinian on the show–even international press takes interest. The other reality is that most of Arabia is divided and Palestine remains an issue that has some unity.

Assaf’s win made headlines around the world. His subsequent rise to fame, including a film based on his life story, was unprecedented for a TV talent show in the Middle East. Shaheen is one of three contestants who have reached the finales, which is produced and filmed at MBC’s studios in Beirut. He has won now and the amazing Ameer Dandan came second during the live showdown.

Dandan also hails from Palestine, although his home is the US, where he is a student in New Jersey. Alazaki is from Yemen. He was also great and has his fans which remind me that Yemen has been providing the Gulf with music talents for decades.

I thought Dandan was the better singer and every time he performed he showed that he is a showman with a big heart, but what matters most is his strong present, his voice and he was a pro. But Shaheen had his moments he has become an audience favorite, thanks to his youth, polished good looks, dominate presence, and soulful voice. He is musically educated and can also play the oud. Congratulation for these young men and I hope they are able to do great things with their fame.

Arab Idol – العروض المباشرة – يعقوب شاهين – يعقوب شاهين – دمي فلسطيني+اعلنها يا شعب اعلنها

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