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Published on February 28th, 2017 | by hotarabic


This Is True About Music In The Internet Age

In this  atomized age of ours, can one band find universal appeal. Our current millennium has been great, so far, for music. It is easier to make, easier to distribute, easier to find, and easier to fall in love with than ever before. More artists are making more of it than they were at the start of the century; more people are listening to more of it, too.

But this is also true: the chances that you and some other human being are actually listening to the same track at any given time have never been slimmer, because in 2013 we all have the ability, at the swipe of a touchscreen, to retreat into a personalized playlist of songs no one else has, by bands no one else has ever heard of, that we downloaded from some torrent no one else has encountered. Why bother with the masses when the masses no longer exist? Why worry about what the rest of the world wants when we can have what we want now?

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