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Two Old Arab Rock Stars Who Still Got It (Video)

Here are two videos for two very old pop stars who still rock out. The first is for the well-known Egyptian king of pop Amr Diab from a Dubai concert. Amr Diab seems to have discovered the fountain of youth and he is making all the sizzle. The guy also keeps up his sense of style, I do not recall him wearing something that was a poor choice. He knows how to dress for the occasion like a beach concert would get a different outfits that a concert in a conservative place.
عمرو دياب – خليني جنبك .. من ليالي دبي

The second video is for Tunisian vocalist whose voice has withstand the test of time she is a pop diva who has done many genres other than pop. She has also sang in more dialects than many of her peers. She is a class act, a true pan Arab voice. And she is an award-winner like Amr Diab as both of them have won the World Music Award in different years. Latifa is a hit-maker
لطيفة – انا عارفه

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