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Published on February 25th, 2017 | by hotarabic


You Should Be Listening To This Man @ALRUWAISHEED

His name is Abdallah Al Rowaished and you should be listening to this distinctively talented super singer. Abdallah Al Rowaished is a popular Arab singer from Kuwait. To date, he has released over 30 albums. He is popular in his country Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and all the Arabian countries.

He also writes many of his songs, and can be seen playing a number of instruments during his live appearances. He started his career as a percussionist and a good one indeed. But his first song ever came in 1980 and it was single which his brother Mohammad composed for him. The debut album saw the light in 1983 and since then this legend has been making Arabic music with a unique blend that roams in the classic territory.

Abdallah Al Rowaished sings his lungs out every time he is about to make a point musically. He is Mr. Smooth, but his best attribute is his face expressions as he sings these emotional and life-wise lyrics. He is never into the music video thing, he is always the same. He does not brother acting, but we really do not ever get sick of seeing this man do his thing.

You just cannot simply love the man if you get into his music without knowing where he has been, so to better introduce you to this man, here are two of his most popular songs ever made–there are many other good songs from him but these are the most popular ones that are big deal in the Gulf as well as outside of it.

عبدالله الرويشد – الي نساك انساه – فيديو كليب

منوعات – عبدالله الرويشد

( HD ) عبدالله الرويشد – دنيا الوله

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