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Published on March 11th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Hit-Maker @Angham Gets Real And Shows Why She Still Still Number One!

Angham is here to fix all your problems, the classically trained yet hip diva released a single worth celebrating just two days ago and a music video followed. The song is about the missing happiness and joy in people’s lives. About families in crisis and love missing in the process. Angham sounds really into this blues track that talks about how crappy life can be and  how haunting memories are.

It’s a dramatic song about how unfair life for some people. It’s abut people who make people happy but they themselves are unhappy. This is some real-life lesson from the trenches where Angham lives–she knows a thing or two about broken homes. But her voice is one of these things that we come to appreciate all our lives. While the song is about life including love but also work and a better future. The clever title captures the theme of the song “The Absent Joy” or the elusive happiness.

Angham even tackles issues of illegal immigration and people drowning in the sea as they search for hope on the other shore. This is how art can get close to people–talk about real issues and people will relate and give you the hit you are searching for. Not the same  old tired formula…Angham is daring in this song and I think she made a wonderful work of art that speaks about real issues.

انغام عن فرح غايب || Angham An Farh Ghaieb

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