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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by hotarabic


Kareem Salama Connecting The Music Dots

He is a country boy who sounds like a country boy from the vast American land–something he is very proud of. Kareem Salama may not look like your stereotypical country singer, but this American entertainer is one of few that still write about big things in small towns.

Kareem is on tour for a charity, something he likes to do often. I love how he lets in Arabic verses every chance he could without compromised the song’s integrity. His country style brings a lot of fun to the song, as it’s something different from what most Arabs–and some Westerners too are unfamiliar with. H sings about God, country and the people.

Kareem Salama’s name should be a household for Arabs or Muslims who are seeking to learn about American culture. While there are few Arabs in the music scene here in the States not many of them gravitated toward country music. For Kareem is feels natural. His songs connect on a human level and speak to one’s better side.

Kareem Salama – I Am You

Kareem Salama – City of Lights (ACOUSTIC)

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