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Published on March 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Moein Sherif, The Lebanese Dance-Friendly With Attitude

In one oh his most recent concert, Lebanese singer and manly man Moein Sherif spoke about the late Wadie El Safie. This is the typical Lebanese pop star–he is really talented and his voice radiates local flavors from that country.

He has the voice to make him worth the price of ticket for a live concert. He does a number of styles, but he is good for the dance floor. He sounds like an old man singing folksy tales. He has so much energy and his concerts tend to be not for the weak in heart.

This was a full-house concert, and spoke to the media after the event. He has not released any new songs in years. Moein talked about his projects and his love for the late Lebanese legend. Moein knew the man, who is considered a saint among his young admirers.

Moein Sherif – حفل معين شريف و هذا ما قاله عن الراحل الصافي

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