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Published on March 13th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Visionary @Saidelmarouk Takes Idol @MohammedAssaf89 Into A Very Dark World!

The most famous Arab Idol and skinny kid from Gaza, Palestine is under the spotlight again for all the right reason. Mohammed Assaf released a single a week ago on the set of Arab Idol, and it was such an amazing song that put the hit-maker under a new light. It’s a much darker song that we have come to anticipate from Assaf and for this song to come out right as a music video, Said El Marouk was tasked with creating a music video.

It’s a song from a man who got nothing and now stands lone feeling that he is not loved and that’s the song is all about, but the music video transformed Assaf into a truly broken and saddened romantic who is standing in a dark room surrounded by shadows. Assaf really brings out his best vocals here and he reminded me of the main reasons we liked him on Arab Idol–hitting the hit notes but also connecting emotionally with the song and the listener. I must admit the new look for Assaf works well for him and it signals he is ready for the nest phase where he has to show he is serious about the art of music and not just fame. Assaf did it well here and did a bit of acting here that shows plenty of promise.

Another thing about this song, it’s so hard to try to sort out the dialect of the song–it seems like a healthy blend of Levant and Khaleeji or so known as the white dialect. Now, Assaf really needed this comeback to show that he is got range. Some of his earliest fans may have forgotten how charming and talented he is–this song brings it all back. I also like how Assaf still kept to his conservative roots by not releasing a music video with tons of dancing models. Instead he came out with a classy but dark music video that delivers the song in such a stunning way. El Marouk has a very long resume in making some of the most celebrated Arabic music vidoes with A list artist. I think here, Assaf got a real nice and career-enhancing music video for a song that he sang his heart for.

Mohammed Assaf – Ma Wahashnak music video

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