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How One Erotica Music Video By @myriamklinkk United #Lebanon

A controversial and attention-seeking Lebanese model turned singer turned celebrity from Serbian heritage is known for her notorious for her crudely sexually suggestive lyrics, almost-pornographic social media posts is now in trouble with the law at her progressive country. To be through, this is not her first rodeo, few years ago she made the news for making a suggestive music video inside a cemetery, she survived that one and become a celebrity as a result of all the sudden fame. Earlier this year, Myriam Klink told an interview about this wealth rich Sheikh from the Gulf who came with a private jet that was dispatched to her. The elderly man wanted to get in her pants as she told the interviewer. She also wanted to run for office and become a member of the Parliment which seems to be the butt of every joke in Lebanon

But now the past is not what’s haunting her but a recent music video she released with young and charming Lebanese crooner Jad Khalife. See the couple made a music video together about how Jad scored a goal inside Klink and he filled her up with a lot of moaning in the background and sexual innuendos, kissing and tossing around in bed. The music video while considered poor taste by many would not generate this much protest had not been for one fatal mistake using a little girl in the music video scared off a lot of viewers and pressured the law to get involved. As a result, the music video was banned (Seriously, have they heard of the internet?)

Both artists were summoned to the local police stations earlier with Klinik questioned for six hours this month at a Beirut police station last week as part of an official investigation following the release of a music video. Ealier reports stated that Klink was trying to travel to Dubai to run away from the problem and that Jas was going to run to Syria. Ultimately, both artists remained in Beirut and went in for questioning. Now since this is Lebanon, there are voices that defend these artists and their freedom of expression which I agree with. But almost every voice condemns the featuring of that little girl in this erotic music video. Whih lead to further questioning by the Internal Security Forces’ Office for the Combating of Cyber Crimes following a judicial decision issued less than 24 hours after her video’s release. It seems in Lebanon if you share the video you will be charged up to 30 K US Dollars.

Now Jad is doing his male thing and throwing his fellow celebrity under the bus on social media where Klink put him in his place. I support Klink’s right to do her music and whatever things she wants to express herself, we can use her honesty in many of the not so honest with onself socities we tend to have in the Middle East. It shuld not be a crime to make a bad music video–even if you do not personally like it.

The daily Beast did speak to Klink, I encourage you to read their interview here

As of right now Klink has just released a new music video after the scandel–link appear not to be working right nw.

Gol Myriam klink فوت الجول

Jad khalife and myriam klink goal ميريام كلينك و جاد خليفة | الجول HD

مريم كلينك وجاد خليفة يشرحون سبب عمل كلب غول ويتوعدون بلمزيد في لقاء حصري 2017

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