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Published on March 6th, 2017 | by hotarabic


When Stars Lands On “The Moon” How @SamoZaen Did It?

Popular pop star Samo Zaen comes back from his sabbatical with a hit single out of this world. A song that likes his sweetheart to the moon that aims to put its listener on cloud 9. Samo Zen is best known for light pop songs that tend to be crowd pleasers meant for the mass consumption. But Samo got soul, as he has one of these Tarab-worthy songs that can do far more complex and demanding tracks. Though he has delivered some of the darker romantic songs throughout his career. Most folks including myself come to him seeking happy songs that feel good.

With this hit-single the Syrian native does not disappoint. Not only did he release the single, he also dropped a music video to gain traction. As the Spring looms over us, this is a song that’s meant to create buzz for an upcoming album release for one smart entertainer. Check it our and remember to make sure to be happy and not to stress out too much.

Samo does appear to enjoy humor in his music videos and he shows high-level of energy.  Life is so boring without music and thus Samo Zaen shows up to light the house on fire. The song takes a bit to kick in and then it never stop. Samo Zaen’s playful voice and character are in perfect harmony. Mazzika is investing in Samo and he always seems to be a winning horse for his production company.

El Amar – Samo Zaen القمر – ساموزين

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