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Published on March 13th, 2017 | by hotarabic


@sandyofficial Dabbles Into Live Musicals #Dubai

Egyptian pop candy sensation Sandy keeping making for her many adoring teen and millennial and Gen Z fans. She is a showman with a lot of energy and a not so complicated public persona. She keeps feeding her fans a lot of information about her life, she makes amazing updates and her fans cannot seem to have enough. So she is just sharing from the set how her music video is made. There is a lot of attitude in this music video, lots of dance and stunts worthy of Broadway.  This is filmed inside what seems to be a live stage for a musical and Sandy is right to follow this format as she has what it takes to make a musical fly. Naturally, Dubai is the place to go and experiment new things.

I think Sandy is still holing to her fans even though so many of them are growing up now, but somehow she keeps getting to the younger ones and keep her career going. Sandy is well-known but she has to go into mainstream with a hit that Arabia falls in love with. Do not get me wrong, she had so many hits, but none of them went viral despite having million of views and likes, the transition has not been fully realized yet. But Sandy has made a new change by joining Free Music label and its seasoned producer and song-writer/owner Nasr Mahrous, she is changing her indie formula to work with a team who knows a thing or two about making hits and making sure that those hits everywhere.

Sandy – Love “Live Music Video”

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