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Published on March 31st, 2017 | by hotarabic


Summer Parties Are Ready For Fares Karam #Mnamnam

Fares Karam releases his mandatory catchy summer dance song and it’s pretty interesting. Karam has been in the media lately attacking pop stars from Lebanon like Ramy Ayach (though he has a thin skin) Check out this song from this charming Lebanese hit. The dance circles in Lebanon will be set ablaze by Fares Karam, never mind the music is the very same style and rhythm as most of his previous song.

It’s a flirty with street and silly language one uses to describe babies.  At least it’s not a controversial track like that one time, he sang for skirts.

Fares Karam … Mnamnam – With Lyrics | فارس كرم … منمنم – بالكلمات

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