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Published on March 6th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Best #Palestine Song Is Also The Same Song That No One Saw!

A number of Arab singers in 2000 made a song for Palestine after the breakout of the Second Intifada, emotions were running high, network TV were on their high wave, the internet is just getting started for the Middle Eastern masses.

Here, you will find Egyptian Medhat Saleh taking the lead, the late Tunisian Zikra is reporting for duty, and Lebanese Nawal Al Zogby was ready, then came Tunisian Saber El Robai. But this is just a sample of the names, you got Qatari Ali Abel Satar, Egyptian Ghada Rajab. Kuwaiti Nawal and Abdellah Roushid both graces the song, Saudi Abdel Majeed Abdallah is also here There are many more artists that I am unable to recognize. These guys rock but the murder of the little Palestinian boy who was murdred in front of his helpless father Ahmed El Durrah rocked them

This is a big production and runs for more than 30 minutes, it’s an epic song that went largely unnoticed–do not know why, but I can guess the producers kept it to one network. There are some strong lyrics and historical with religious undertones.

أوبريت يا أمتي مدحت صالح- ذكرى- نوال الزغبي- صابر الرباعي فيديو كليب (نادر

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