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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Multiplicity of Alaa Wardi In Risala Ela…

Alaa is the original indie artist who sings in a garage. The one man show is, who plays about half a dozen instruments in real life and if he wanted to make out their sounds without sing them–he can. In fact this is how he was able to breakout.

He has the dirty hippie look and the t-shirts to show for it. And that hair is becoming more and more a brand. I like this guy and Amman and Beirut have been a place for him where he often performs to his never ending fan base. The new video of Alaa is pretty low-key, very mature about sending messages to an unknown receiver.

Is it me or has he been recording and releasing more videos lately? Not sure what his next step would be but for the time being he seems to be content making the internet his permanent address.
Alaa Wardi – Risala Ela…

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