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You Will Like Shahinaz Daia Romance Single

Shahinaz Daia is a young pop starlet from Egypt, she has released a number of singles and now comes a new one from this pop lady vying for a place in the dimming pop spotlight. Her choice for a comeback song has shades of blue–when love goes sour.

I like Ms. Diaa’s voice, I think she is a real talent and know an album from hr would be something to enjoy as a whole. I have liked her previous singles and wrote about them. She is a cool music persona waiting for her moment under the sun. She changes styles and more…I like how she keeps the fans guessing.

Diaa appeared and competed on the talent competition and scouting show Star Academy fifth season. I came to know of her when I hear a supplication track she did, I was an instant fan. Enjoy her new single, it’s about how hard it’s really to forget the memories of someone you were fond of and remember it (life that is) does get better.

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