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Published on April 6th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Maher Zain! “I Am A Business. Man” Does A Lot of Good

Maher Zain remains one of the most profitable faith-based artists in Islam. He is a faith dealer, through music, and positive uplifting messages he has build a global empire based on a solid foundation. He roams the world touring in concerts, he travels in humanitarian missions, and his music reaches to you wherever you may be.

I like the guy whose voice brings happiness and who is an idol for many young Muslims around the globe. I was in Atlanta over the weekend and ran into a couple of young Muslim girls who asked me if he will be performing on stage at the event. I said no! She wanted to do one of his songs–the one about Palestine. So Maher is a brand, he does a lot of good, and he pays the bills for himself and for his music label.

He is a savvy social media user who puts it to a good cause. I have no idea where he lives, as he seems to be always filming in some  exotic place. Perhaps today he is in the States, yesterday he was in Beirut, tomorrow I might be Turkey or Indonesia.

.. Maher Zain – Nas Teshbehlena | ناس تشبهلنا – ماهر زين | Powered by Ülker.

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