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Published on April 6th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Shatha Hassoun “I’m The Only Singer Who Does Iraqi Songs”

Iraqi songstress Shatha Hassoun was feeling testy while visiting the Lebanese capital, Beirut so she said something bold. “I am the only one who is singing Iraqi” No doubt she is a big deal in Iraqi music, but when was it last time she went to Baghdad? When was it last time she sang an hit Iraqi song? Better, many Iraqis consider her to be a Moroccan–which is cool, but for Iraqi fans, this may mean different things.

While she spends the bulk of her time in Dubai and Beirut. She talked a lot about her new work–I notice she is looking a bit plum in the face, and could not help but the new eye color she has. she will have new Iraqi songs, Gulf-style and Moroccan plus Lebanese. She now talks about Iraqi songs and how she wants to give her attention to her native dialect.

This is a long interview with a lot of details. She talked about feud with a lyricist who used to pay artists for his songs–he did not pay Shatha Hassoun. This is when art stops being art. She was upset when she learned he paid other artists but not her. This confirms one thing an Iraqi musican once told me, Shatha is all about money.

شذى حسّون لـ”إيلاف” : ماكو غيري أصلًا يغنّي عراقي من الفنّانات !

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