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Published on April 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


WATCH: Sabine Interview In 360 Studio – سابين كل أغنيات ألبومي ضاربة

Shameless self-promotion is needed in today’s age with image obsessed world. Sabine takes that concept to heart this is why she had a camera follow her inside the studio where she is recording her new album. She will be sampling songs from Lebanon, Egypt and the Gulf. Sabine is an A list pop songstress project that has yet to bear fruits.

She got what it takes, the confidence, the mediocre talent, and persona to love. She has producers who believe in her, she just needs her right moment under the sun–not just a flash. She is a popular voice among the young music fans around Lebanese campuses….she has to break out in Egypt. Not to forget her dance moves and talent….she is keen on that

She is saying her album will blow the Arab world’s collective mind–it features many surprises. She is now talking about being born in Saudi Arabia to a Lebanese and a French couple. Enjoy this desperate self-promotion.

Sabine Interview In 360 Studio – سابين كل أغنيات ألبومي ضاربة

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