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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife Awakening Records Comes For Them

The London based music label and publishing house Awakening Record is releasing an new music album geared for kids. It’s about a trip to the zoo or at least one of the songs. If I was a kid I would love this kind of music, but it’s been too long.

I would imagine, Arabic speaking parents are always looking for educational and fun things to expose their kids too, this might be an album to do just that. An album about friends, family and having not a care in the world. The album comes with 12 tracks in modern standard Arabic, lots of happy jingles, and kids having a good time.

If that’s not enough, a coloring book comes with the album to better tell the story. The album is being made available in Egypt, and Gulf states. Aside from this album the label is putting a tour to benefit the Syrian people.

Awakening & Marah Album for Kids ألبوم غنّ مع الأصدقاء للأطفال

12أغنية موسيقية باللغة العربية الفصحى:ـ
1- أغنية مِثلَ البالونِ
2- أغنية حديقة الحيوان
3- أغنية كُن صديقي
4- أغنية كرتي كبيرة
5- أغنية أضيئي (1)
6- أغنية أحاول من جديد
7- أغنية الزهرة
8- أغنية القبّعة
9- أغنية إذا كنتَ سعيدا
10- أغنية هَطَلَ المطرُ
11- أغنية ابتسِم
12- أغنية أضيئي (2)

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