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Published on May 17th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Interesting Track By Pauline Koning – Oum Al Ghayeb

Pauline Koning is a name that does not screen Arabic music, but if you listen to the song below, you will change your mind as her voice will land straight into your heart. Here’s a singer / songwriter / belly dancer / Musician Netherlands based artist in a debut single Oum Al Ghayeb by Pauline Koning. If you are out looking for something different and something that has local flavors but a global foundation, this track will be for you.

Many found this musical experiment by the Dutch singer Pauline Koning wroth celebration as she chose an ancient Arabic dialect form the land of Yemen to speak her music through. I also happen to know that this is a personal experiment where Pauline did it on her dime out of love for the culture and music fusion.

Pauline Koning – Oum Al Ghayeb

Lyrics written by Pauline Koning.

Translated from English to Arabic (yemenite dialect).
Dedicated to the legendary yemenite jewish singer Ofra Haza.


I fell in love with your reflection
Behind the veil of time
I recall the songs you sang
To wake up smiling
I love the fire of your soul that burns away what isn’t me
You, who guided my soul into the world
With sighs of vanilla scent
With stars of kohl around the eyes
In the close friend
My tormented heart will melt
In between the worlds
And your place of residence
Oum Al Ghayeb

حبيت صوره من خلف ستار الزمان

ذكرت مغانيش و فزيت سالي اضحك

حبيت النار في حياتش ادي حرقت كل من هو مو انا

انتي تقودين روحي في هذا العالم

نهدت الشموم نجوم كحل حول عينش

بصاحبتي القريبه قلبي المظلوم

بين العالمين في المكان انتي ساكنه ام الغيا

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