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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Listen: The Dead Man’s Will “El Wasia” By Ramy Gamal #Egypt أغنية رامي جمال الوصية – @RamyGamalMusic

It’s never easy to think about romance, hope and death. But this is the impossible formula that has been cracked by seasoned young and hip musicians Ramy Gamal. His song about a will, he wrote for his loved one, “maybe our kids can live in freedom, that neither of us have seen” Ramy here successfully make us all feel the pain of losing love.

Music can be a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Talented artists are able to use the full spectrum of mood swings when crafting their songs. We can listen to a song to turn up to before going to the club, or turn down after a rough moment in life. However, for those darker times Egyptian people love to listen to sad songs. For many it’s much easier to relate to a song about a bad breakup, than a song about millions in the ceiling. Ramy is breaking up with his own soul for the sake of freedom.

This is a really sad song from a guy who does sad better than most in Egypt, this is our destiny the song says. I think his loved one if Egypt, and not some lady. This is a heart breaking song, that comes in time, the lyrics are worthy of sobbing. Ramy Gamal sounds at his finest when he comes across as heartbroken. All types of music are sure to bring a tear to your eye every so often. From songs that are sad because of the artists’ personal experiences or a story we feel all too familiar. This one will make his grandchildren proud of their old man.

أغنية رامي جمال الوصية – El Wasia Ramy Gamal

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