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Published on May 19th, 2017 | by hotarabic


This Lady @ReemTheArtist Shall Be Free! #anihorra @JadShwery

Singer Reem El Sharif has to work harder to get her fans attention and she often delivers the likes and the social media every time she releases a new work. This time she chose a provocative route and luckily it worked as she titled her song “Ana Horra” as in I am free! Sad that something straight and clear like this is still provocative!  I think this is one stylish pop star who has opted not to do songs for Lebanon, but instead songs that are marketable which means doing songs in Khaleeji. I say why not, she has the skills!

It’s a colorful dis play mean for today’s consumer, speed and glaring images, a women kept behind bars, singing in Iraqi dialect–away from Reem’s Lebanese upbringings. The outfits do fit right in. Reem showcases old images in flashes about people from her life and pop culture as well. It’s a bold music video as Reem throws the book and delivers a music video that will play well in the Western style of music video.  It’s youth filled, and so much energy which highlights the music video’s message. Let Reem be free and other women and men to do whatever they were put on this earth to do. One big party is what we all need. I see the name of Jad Shwery in the credits, which helps explain some of the production and the music video.

I would not read too much into this track, it’s just a song trying to be heard out and standing out. It does not push the envelop much but it gets what it wants to say out there. Reem has a nice thing about her voice quality, she delivers a hint of blue event when her track is firing up the party. It’s a nice song that has layers!
Reem El Sharif – Ani Horra | ريم الشريف – أني حرة

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