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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Some Call It Sausage Fest, Others Call It Egyptian Mahraganat

Urban Dictionary defines Sausage Fest as “a party of only guys (or at least 80% guys), where there is a substantial abundance of weiner.” This is what the new art from of Egyptian block parties or so called “Marhganat” Festivals. There’s rarely a couple of girls at these parties.

One of the latest song is for Saddat, a top talent in this genre and his songs are now going mainstream, and get featured on movies. Names in this industry talk big, think rapper names, this is how crazy these guys are. But whatever it takes, they are misogynistic or chauvinistic at best.

The bizarre thing in the clip below you will see a beloved songstress and actress dance away with these guys on stage–you might begin why she was divorced lately.

رقص مى سليم على اغنيه مش هروح

كليب مش هروح كامل – سادات و فيفتى و الزعيم

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