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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Invincible Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf

Mohammed Assaf has just made my day, and from what I have noticed, I am not the only one to feel this way. The contender on Arab Idol might be one of the very few reasons one would want to tune in and follow the Arab Idol’s second season. His voice is a riot, his talent is as big as the ocean, his voice cannot be denied just like the sun.

This 23 year old kid with a voice that rocked Gaza’s concert halls, and moved audience miles away is the shot in the arm needed fro Arab Idol–For me Mohammed Assaf  was the extra reason for me to ignore the X Factor and switch to Arab Idol. He really makes the judges happy–they know good talents. Oh, my goodness gracious, he is loaded with energy and his voice is only fitting for those Lebanese who grew up on the mountain side. He is a legend and if he keeps up his act, I can see him one of the three finalists–if not the winner. The only shame is the phone companies and sponsors might have other opinion.

How did he managed to get so much talent, I do not really know, but I know I love it every time I watch him take on the stage. The guy is good, and more and more followers see it this way–even non-Palestinian ones. Hear his best hits on the show and see him do live performances that put many seasoned artists to shame. He is no lazy, he earned his spot and time will tell.

محمد عساف – Arab Idol 2

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