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Published on May 27th, 2017 | by hotarabic


This Ramadan Will Also Be HOT on TV

The point of Ramadan is for each one who observes the holy month is to strive to become a better version of themselves. Now, the folks who are in charge of Arabic entertainment are making it really hard. Take for example, in the holy month, half a dozen of Lebanese female pop stars will have their own show (Haifa and Myriam). Another dozen of Egyptian dancers (Safinaaz, and Sama Al Masry). On top of that, there are making TV dramas with titles as “Incest”…all to entertain these fasting Muslims.

Here’s an idea, do not freaking watch these shows this month, send them a message….it’s not just not eating and feasting when the sun goes down, it’s trying not to leer and have gross thoughts, it’s about being pure. But to be frank, while I hate such shows ruining the month, I would be OK with them, but not with these murdering fellow civilians to make it to “heaven”

But, there are also these artists who stay away from TV, music and movies during this time and focus on the spiritual side–there are those who release songs like Mohamed Raslan who shares the message of the month –below.
Mohamed Raslan – Shahr El Seyam | محمد رسلان – شهر الصيام

Mohamed Raslan – Ehsasy | محمد رسلان – إحساسى

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