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Published on June 25th, 2017 | by hotarabic


From America to the World! Iraqi @UTN1_Band Aims High #Majnoon

The cool band members of UTN1 are at it again with a new pop/rock gem released a few hours ago. A new song by this Iraqi band who seems to easily switches from Arabic to American music molds to bring the world their hits.

Filmed in metro Washington, DC area and few months in preparation comes this song from a band that loves to entertain and loves to challenge itself. A love song about how love makes one go crazy. True love makes one mad, and UTN1 has captured some of these feelings in this track and brilliant music video.  It’s meant to be more of rock indie track that draws, mainstream music listeners with its common-sense lyrics. The line that shows passion is where it goes “Am I crazy to forget you?, No, I won’t and no I cannot forget you.

Loved seeing the original band members back and the new addition manifested by the talented bassiest, Ozzie.  The song takes a break in the middle and delivers some spoken word by Shant which is a first for UTN1. Hassan works that guitar like it owes him money–he puts forth some of his finest guitar strokes in years. I also think the back story carries the song’s theme.

UTN1- Majnoon 2017

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