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Published on July 13th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Fayrouz’s Latest Surprise Album “Bebalee” Is Already Great!

Lebanon’s number one artist and Arabia’s gem of a diva is about to release a new album “Bebalee” and this is the kind of release that is dubbed an event. This is an artist that is well into her golden years yet she is about to release a new album that will be added to her legacy. Working with her talented daughter Reema who has taken over this album project and we already love every bit of what we are hearing. I believe Reema is committed to the Rahbany legacy as she is playing a major role in bringing this album to light.

Arabia disagrees on many things right now, but Fayrouz remains about one of the very few things we all agree on. She is a legend and has been so since the 60s, so let us wait in antici[ation as this diva takes on the Microphone one more time to make a magical time out of thin air. She has her own brand and her own style that keeps getting better and more interesting with time, just like a fine wine. Arabia certainly needs this album!

“Bebalee” album is scheduled to be released September 22nd but one single from the album “Lameen” came out June 21st and it went viral in an instant. What makes “Lameen” special is the fact it is based on on the original work “Pour qui veille l’étoile” written by Pierre Delanoë and composed by Louis Amade and Gilbert Bécaud, the work is arranged by Steve Sidwell and lyrics adapted by Reema Rahbany. From the upcoming new album “Bebalee” produced by Reema Rahbany. I think we are already feeling this is shall be a global album as it will be a uniquely Lebanese one.

I am so thrilled to see this Diva back on top of her game and at least not shying away from the camera, she is the star for all stars, she is the voice that all Arab artists aspire to imitate and channel her emotions. She is the compass and the soul of Arabic music and so she is the force that keeps on giving….It’s already a great album because it gave us a glimpse into Fayrouz’whereaboutsts where she has shown grit, grace and still sounds as great as she did more than 5o years ago.

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