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Published on July 6th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Hakim is a Dirty Old Man And A Sexist Pig (Video) @hakimmusicegypt

There was a time when Egyptian pop star and hit-maker Hakim meant something to those who like music. But then a decade or two later, the charismatic pop star has lost his way with the release of this sexual harassment music video that invites people to assault ladies on the street with harassment and catcalls. It’s not okay to do what he is doing, and it’s not art to make the music video nothing short of an exhibit of butts for unassuming young women who do not speak the language.

Street harassment is a real problem in Egypt and it does not help when a big star like Hakim encourages it and make it look cool. It’s never about what the woman is wearing, it’s never her fault, so what Hakim is doing is teaching young men that it’s okay to invite women’s space and assault their privacy under the pretense that this is flirting.  This song makes it less safe for women to walk down the streets because Hakim cannot control himself when he sees a booty he likes.

I guess Hakim wants to be cool and that’s when you get when a bunch of guys who disrespect women get together to make a music video. What art is that for women twerking in jeans? What artistic message is being communicated here. Notice how we do not see these models faces, but rather their lower backs. So women are reduced to this certain body part. Classy….you just finished fasting the month of Ramadan then comes this treat. No shame anymore!

Hakim | Ala Wadaak [Official Music Video] حكيم | على وضعك

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