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Published on July 26th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Progress! An Arabic Song For Dogs @WaadAlBahri is Back #Elkalb

Waad Albahri is a cool Arab vocalist who comes from the amazing nation of Syria–a land no stranger to incredible vocalists.  Though she spends most of her time in between Egypt and the UAE, Waad keeps it fun as she releases a light hearted and humor filled track that offers some wisdom. I think Waad is trying to break out of that classy mold she has placed herself in. She has the voice for these tough songs and the emotional reserve for them romantic songs. But there are too many artists doing these songs, and Waad sees herself as a cool lady that follows what’s trendy.

A song about dogs is not something you would have thought of you when Waad’s name was mentioned. But Waad is not talking about dogs, she is talking about a breed of humans that are low lives yet have so much power. The song advises to deal with these folks accordingly. The music fusion is interesting, this feels like an old pop song from the late 80’s fused with the Mahrganat music. It’s catchy and the feels fresh. I also like Waad’s outfit in the song’s picture. Hard to say it but Waad here is offering wisdom about life without boring the little kids who just want to have fun and dance.

Never set people to be more than what they are, do not give credit to certain people because they are disloyal! I think Waad wanted to have fun here, challenge herself and get in with the right crowd. I think her past songs have shown us that her voice has range…..but now we also see she has a persona that many need to know because it’s worth getting to know. Humor is essential, too many Arab stars do not understand it. Waad is unafraid to be silly for a second….and I think this is the kind of change that can help her in this challenging times for artists.

أغنية “الكلب” وعد البحري – sound ” Waad Albahri .. “ElKalb

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