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Published on July 29th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Pop Star @SingerAmar Releases A Bold Music Video ๐Ÿ‘„ #kissmylips

Amar is still in the music game regardless of what you hear. The bold, fashion-forward Lebanese beauty just released a new music video for a single and it’s in English. In a surprise release, Amar comes out with a number of outfits that lean on her looks and dance moves. This is certainly an inspired music video in th fashion of many Western American videos, a bit of Europe and the US are to be found there.

The song is in both Arabic and English, Amar is working hard to revive her music career despite being an awesome social media addict that has droves of followers and friends, ย Amar’s fortunate is that she is an independent woman who enjoys her career and her fame. We did meet her in her mid 00’s when she just emerged and she took few years from making the news and raised a baby boy. ll what she wants to do now is to be kissed on the lips .

There are plenty of haters out there who love to pick on a young and good-looking female artists, it’s easy to tear people down, but Amar never cared as she always follows her heart. She certainly tries to provoke debate.

I think this is a song made for cubs and night parties, as oppose to them playing imported music, Amar sought to introduce a local song that has that foreign appeal.
Amar – Kiss my lips (Official Music Video)

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