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Checkout This Hit Palestinian Song From @ToniQattan #Summer #Weddings

The beloved Jordanian singer Toni Qattan took a break from doing sweet romantic songs and released a surprisingly awesome summer songs that will be firing all these hot parties during the wedding season. The song is so simple and is inspired by the Palestinian folklore and village music.  Toni was not intimidated in changing his own style and line of songs in favor of this hit that is the place of envy. It sounds and plays like these songs I grew up hearing in the summer parties for weddings, and even the music keeps the keyboard going. Electric hits are a dime a dozen, this song though felt familiar to me.

I love the dialect and the chorus “It’s about mint” but it has played with words and brings something good in terms of energy. Nothing is more refreshing in the summer than a glass of mint lemonade or mint tea…so Toni made a clever call here. A great choice for a song that will travel to places like Syria and Iraqi and maybe into Lebanon as well.  What I like about this song is that it does not try to be pretentious but rather stick to the fun.

Toni though is making another smart decision, he also released a music video for an earlier hit he has two months ago, which sticks to his line.

جديد طوني قطان – يلي بتحب النعنع 2017 / Toni Qattan – Yalli Bet-heb El Na3na3

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