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Published on July 4th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Versatile @JadShwery Really Gets @NawalElZoghbi @LifeStylezst

If I ever meet Nawal El Zoghbi and get a chance to whisper something into her ears, she should only hire Jad Shwery to shoot her music vidoeos. As she works so hard on delivering perfect pop songs that are just on fire, she really owes it to these hits. Since 2017 started and Nawal has been releasing one hit single after another, seven months into the year and we already have half a dozen hits from Nawal. She is the unstoppable force of Arabic and Lebanese pop and for that, she has herself to thank.

But it takes a lot of work to get people and even fans to watch a music video, and in my observations, Jad does the trick with his camera work, creative ideas and brilliant images/branding. This is not the first collaboration between these two artists, and their previous music video work together was memorable. Now comes a follow-up picture for a worth hit. Jad has made tens of music videos, he always gives us something new and sometimes something provocative. With Nawal, I feel he makes a good (and balanced) duo. In fairness I saw that pop spark with him and another Lebanese diva.

I am getting the impression that Jad likes Nawal El Zoghbi and sees himself as a fan at first and then he approaches her music videos with that mindset and then the director hat comes out.  Jad gives that that nostalgic version of Nawal from the late 90’s and early 00’s…but he keeps it fresh., dazzling and supercharged. Jad’s music video is about flirtations. Certainly the outfits and energy help attract younger audiences  to gravitate toward a golden diva whose better days are clearly ahead of her.

As for Nawal, this was certainly the Eid song that showed love and good vibes, so happy to see Nawal on the right path where she will reclaim her prime spot in the Arabic music scene where she is certainly a favorite.

نوال الزغبي | بحبو كتير |( Nawal El Zoghbi | bhebo ktir ( Music Video

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