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Published on July 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


With “Rani” Mohammed Assaf Spreads His Artistic Wings @MohammedAssaf89

Palestinian singer and Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf should celebrate the release of his wonderful album where she shows a lot of maturities and confirms his status as the Arab Idol. He does songs for the different subcultures within Arabia and he seems to get it. In the four known blocks, he delivered a song for Each (Khaleeji, Egyptian, Levant, And Maghrby) So he gave each of these groups a taste of his talent and his voice.

Assaf did the same thing with singing styles, he did the happy dance tracks, the sweet and romantic, the dramatic and blues, and he did not even forget the activist and intellect in there. Assaf sat to deliver an album that offers something for everyone, and he largely was able to do that. As he now prepares to release the first music video from the album, it went to “Rani” a song made for summer parties and for driving fast. A song made perfect for the gym. I love the beat and the new style that Assaf has never done before. It does help to have the familiar voice and brand of one of Algeria’s own Fuadel who is a vocal guest.

I did personally like the romantic track here where for me Assaf showed some real emotions and some grit. I like this side of him. The debka songs in there are original and lovely. The success of this albums answers the critics that show his range, talent, and energy. Assad did Palestine a favor by turning one of its most famous poems into a lovely and memorable song. For those international music fans, he manages to collaborate with a Cuban reggaeton group “Gente De Zona”, so eat your heart our that naysayer, this skinny young man from Palestine got soul

Below you will find the promo for the song….I think Assaf has finally found his mojo

Mohammed Assaf – Rani (Faudel-Duet) – coming soon | محمد عساف وفضيل – كليب راني – قريباً

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