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Published on July 19th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Women Are Cookies Sings The Incredible Mohamed Rashad @mohammedrashad0

Few years ago, a young man shot it fame from one of these many singing competition, he is Egyptian, and he is suave. Mohamed Rashad did some amazing job keeping up his line of pop songs that are close to the people. He even got hired to do songs from TV dramas. He is one of these original voices  that are unique and fresh. The young singer is trying to look cool once again as he releases a new music video with a babe who is in trouble, but he is the law–funny how the guy is the authority and the women are the one breaking the law and trying to seduce the man.

I like this song and the  beat (not too crazy abut women being called cookies, but the song is catchy. The music video is silly and has nothing to do with reality. Rashad can do a better project next time as I love how versatile he is. He is one of the coolest new pop artist emerging in Egypt at the moment. I think this is meant to be a flirty song for the summer and it hits the mark.

Hetet Baskot – Mohamed Rashad حتة بسكوت – محمد رشاد

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