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Published on July 15th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The All-Sweet Lebanese Pop Star Yara Releases Her Latest Hit @yara_lb

Yara remains one of the most awesome and sweet new pop stars (She shot to fame only in 2005). The most recognizable, emotionally-convincing and gentle voice in this era belongs to Yara and she puts it to good use. What Arabs call “Ba’Ha” in her voice allows Yara to stand out and deliver some of the most memorable love and party songs. With a best-selling album under her belt released just last year, Yara keeps the fans happy with frequent releases of songs that stick around. Yara shifts dialects with ease deliver amazing songs that feel authentic in a number of dialects. They love her in the Khaleej where her mastery of their dialect has shown popular. Egypt cannot have enough of her, the Levant goes gaga for her and often she is holding concerts in Algeria and Morocco.

Her lasts track is sweet and emotional where Yara dishes on those love experiences that also happen to be painful as she is wrestling with love and this tracks bring to live that individualized and often discreet struggles. I was very pleased with the song and in the quality of Yara’s performance here. Certainly, it’s a busy time for song releases due to the market demand but Yara here is all in. I love love the cover design for the photo, it does fit perfectly with Yara’s brand, image, and persona.

Enjoy this Lebanese treat as cool off during this summer.

Yara – Meaazabni Al Hawa [Official Lyric Video] / يارا – معذبني الهوى

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