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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by hotarabic


@AdhamNabulsi Releases The Greatest Love/Hate Song Ever Recorded

Adham Nabulsi is a pop train so fast that he is a big threat to all other amazing pop stars. this young and super talented young singer has been only in the business for three years and so far he has yet to disappoint. Emotionally this guy is so mature and so unique like no other pop star (really he is that good) The man whose fame was first made at the X Factor where he was a runner-up is now showing to be one of the finest vocalists in Arabic songs for that breakup song. His specialty is pop songs that feel dark, sweet, romantic, warm with a hint of anger.

Those vocalist for Adham are golden indeed, his voice is incredible, but his emotions are so connected to that mighty voice. His latest demo might be one of the greatest post-breakup songs in the history of the Arabic song. No one has managed to be this sweet and this upset all at once. Here he tells his ex, I miss the way I loved you but not you, I missed the way I felt for you, but not for you. He destroys this mean lady while maintaining the romantic persona. This is peaceful stuff as most post-breakup songs are either angry, bitter, or tired.  Not this one, as Ali Al Mawla, outdid himself here for his pal Adham.

I am impressed by Adham’s talent, the guy has yet to peak, has yet to repeat himself and has yet to do a song without bringing his A game. He should keep doing what he is doing and not worry about the business of making music. A talented like this from Jordan/Palestine is hard to imagine, but Adham did it in a Shami way that makes his people proud but also makes his fans fall in love even with their exes. This serves as the latest single by Adham where he releases a new hit every few months and has maintained a busy summer concerts schedule.

The magic of Adham’s songs is that he has two dueling vocal personalities when he hits the high note he projects different and conflicting emotions than when he hits the low one. For example, he goes up angry and frustrated but comes down sweet and loving. In a real way, he is like a one man duet, like two different artists in one.

ادهم نابلسي – مشتاق (نسخة الديمو) | Adham Nabulsi – Meshta2 Demo

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