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The Original Hit-Maker Amr Diab Releases His 2017 Album With @NayForMedia

Amr Diab just released his latest album and Arabia is already talking about it. Even before the music has been heard by anyone, the cover art for the album has already inspired chatter. The Egyptian pop star Guinness Book record holder is just getting started as now he is the sole force behind his album, he owns the production company and works for himself. No other suit wearing know nothing executives getting into his business. He is the force behind the new album along with his many friends whose work graces the smashing hit album.

Amr Diab has shown to be one heck of a marketing machine. Right now his album is out but it’s not just about music anymore. Two mega companies have joined forces to attach themselves on this new album. A soft beverage company now is helping get the album into more homes. A phone and internet provider is the second. One gives you a code and the other allows you to access that code and turn it into music. I do not recall any other pop stars doing this with such fanfare and dedicated marketing channels.

He sounds as sweet as we have come to expect from him. He is really Mr. pop, the first modem-day pop star. He is what the other pop stars listen to before they go into the recording studio. This is a great summer, dance, romance album from an artist who keeps making music because it’s the only way he knows to do anything else. He enjoys the game.

As for the album, I find it to be really brilliant.  So many hints of the beloved old Amr Diab songs, he sat out to make songs not hit this time. He is even changing the music a bit and the themes, interesting lyrics and fresh music that feels old in a good sense.

01 – Meaddy El Nas
02 – Ganb Habiby
03 – Ah Habibi
04 – Alby Etmannah
05 – Amar Eah
06 – Habayeb Eh
07 – Ya Ahla Haga
08 – Nghamet El Herman
09 – Agmal Eyoun
10 – Awel Kol Haga

Amr Diab – Meaddy El Nas (Audio عمرو دياب – معدي الناس (كلمات

Amr Diab – Meaddy El Nas, album “Meaddy El Nas” Produced by Nay ©2017
Lyrics: Osama Moustafa, Composer: Samer Abo Taleb, Music Arranger: Osama El Hendy

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