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Egyptian Tamer Ashour Teams Up With @ELLE_Eleftheria For A Summer Hit

Tamer Ashour is one of my favorite composers turned singers. I like his nice guy vibe and that he does not talk too much, he does not gossip nor does he stab other stars. He keeps his eye on the prize. Something very strange for Arab pop stars. I respect that about him where he keeps his personal life private and does not share every five seconds. Instead, he works in his studios for himself and for his buddies.

Sure he did many dark songs, but he has happy ones too. Take for example his most recent song release where he teams up with a Cyprus Greek vocalist (Eleftheria Eleftheriou) It is an interesting and somewhat random duet by this beloved Egyptian musician. The lyrics are the work of not one composer but two, Amr Yehia and Alex Nirgiankis, since the song in both Arabic and English that makes a great deal of sense. Then Tamer Ashour went to work as a music composer himself, but this time he had some help. The song came together because of the crafty work of MKE LDN. The song is about being carefree, so it makes sense for it to sound like a club song heard in the alleys of Eastern Europe.

Eleftheria brings that youth energy but also the exotic elements that make this song a delight.

Eish El Donia – MKE LDN Ft.Tamer Ashour – Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Lyrics: Alex Nirgianakis – Amr Yehia كلمات: عمرو يحيي – Alex Nirgianakis
Composition: Tamer Ashour- MKE LDN – Kerrie Billings الحان : تامر عاشور- MKE LDN – Kerrie Billings
Music Arrangement: MKE LDN الموزع الموسيقى : MKE LDN

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