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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by hotarabic


Busted! @tamerhosny Historic Hand & Foot Print Ceremony Is A Scam

Earlier this month, the greatest Arab self-promoter shared the news that his film will be screening in Hollywood at the Chinese theater where he will receive an award.  We were all filled with pride knowing that how much we love and admire a hard-working pop star like Tamer. But then came the doubters who hate the man no matter what he does, I was quick to dismiss them because some people are jealous of all the successes.  But then something else came along that shows the whole Tamer Hosny stunts as a big scam.

Per Elucid Magainze Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, we learned that Tamer Hosny paid for his movie to be screened there at the famous theater, as opposed to his movie being chosen to screen there because of its importance of popularity. It’s neither. And the ceremonial footprints and handprints that Tamer celebrated and promoted as making history was also paid for and not something the theater asked for. To add insult to injury, that famed footprint by Tamer will not be placed in front of the theater as Tamer has led many to believe, instead, it will be placed in storage. Now all of this has happened, no one denies it. But this is a commercial, not an honor. In fact, other Arabic stars can do this if they enjoy a bit of success.

Tamer made this sound like a major news in America when in reality only five people cared about it and only Arab press followed it and perhpas a small-time blogger from LA. Look I love and admire his music, I do not like his music and movies, I hate his antics. There is no more debate on this, Taer paid for this and that’s not a shame but instead, he should be honest about it.  Known for his hired fans, and frequent press releases that self-promote. To be clear, Tamer Hosny has many fans around the world, he really does. But he is not a global star, he should be happy to be Arabia’s top artists and focuses on that.

Tamer Hosny Hollywood Handprint Ceremony with The Global Human

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