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Here’s The Brilliant Summer Love Song From @iMarwanKhoury #مرت_سنة

In a nice late summer musical surprise, Marwan Khoury releases a sweet summer romance song that keeps him on everyone’s top list. It’s a sweet melody worthy of Marwan. The gifted Lebanese singer, music and lyrics composer voiced this song and let other talents do the work. Lyrics of this track is by Yosef Suliman and the music by Mahmoud Eid. Released on an exclusive basis for that music app. Marwan Khoury has been one of these consistent intellectual voices in Lebanese music. He is a safe choice and a bankable artist who respects his art and never puts money ahead of his talent.

In few hours, the song just went viral and the social media is abuzz. The song is about long distance romance. This is the work of a respectable pop star who is educated, smart, talented and gracious. Landing on this Monday, the song felt like something I could use as I know it has already made a lot of people happy-many of his fans from around the globe.

Marret Seni [Exclusive]
by Marwan Khoury

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